"I can think of nothing I want more than  someone to truly love me."
~Preparing to be a Help Meet

I ordered Debi and Rebekah's book the other day (They're having a grad special right now- 50% off!). I was like SOOO excited about getting them and read them both within the next day. :) *Smile*
I really enjoyed both of them but I want to share some things I learned from Debi's book
                                  ("Preparing to be a Help Meet").
Here's the website for this book here:

And to order the two books go to: www.ngj.org and look under "Specials".

"You spend your time pining away for your one true love and suddenly...you're married and it is a lot more than you bargained for. Now is the hour you should be preparing to be a wife
                                                            -to be a help meet."
~Preparing to be a Help Meet

Here's just a sampling of things I learned, I obviously learned way more than this but I can't put it all here. . .    
1. Girls seriously need patience (Okay I admit I already knew that- and right now God is trying to drill this in me because this computer is being SOOOO SLOW! argh lol). I like how one girl was baffled because she was praying for patience and then getting trial after trail till finally one of her coworkers was like, "Well God uses tribulation to work patience silly girl (Romans 5:3)!    
(That wasn't exactly word for word- just read the book to find the actual quote- Sorry!)

2. Guys really need our prayer! And God WANTS us to pray so He can move and work in their (and our) lives.  Start praying for your future beloved today. <3 Be a prayer warrior like Daniel. Prayer does change things! Try to spend AT LEAST 15 minutes a day on your knees. Even if you (Poor thing!) have to get up 15 minutes earlier every morning to do that.

3. Don't plan an elaborate wedding. Keep it plain and simple so you can be relaxed to enjoy your beloved (I already planned on doing this anyways- ha ha). Who wants to be worn plumb out on your wedding night?

4. Wait on the Lord - his ways are better than our ways. I know it's hard (trust me I do!), but God knows everything and how it'll all pan out. Isn't that a little comforting? Better be! God is the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE, and He's ALL powerful! Don't you think He's BIG enough to bring you a spouse?

5. Keep your single days FULL to the brim serving God, serving others, and learning new skills.
Right now is the time to be PREPARING! Not sitting around texting, chit chatting, fixing your hair, and hopelessly waiting around for your future man. DO SOMETHING! Ask some older women around you and see if they don't tell you that they wish they had been MORE prepared when they got married.
Go clean someone's house, cook meals, babysit, sew, study your Bible, do the laundry, help home school your siblings,  witness to someone, start a blog, do some photography, start a Bible study, ANYTHING! Don't tell me you're "Bored." There's way too many things to get done in life!

6. Guys are very opinionated about long hair.  They truly like it, and if you're smart you'll wear your hair like that. I already do because I'm opinionated about it as well.  ha ha
I wear my hair long. *Smile* The Bible says that long hair is the GLORY of the women. Maybe God does know what he's talking about. . .

7.There are 3 different types of guys: Prophet, Priest, and King.
I literally have like SOOO much fun figuring out who's who in my little corner of the world. :)
My Dad is DEFINITELY a Kingly man with some Prophet mixed in. My Uncle in the faith is SO SO Prophet! I just laugh at how "Prophet like" he is. And I have several other examples of "Priestly men" (My brother being one of them- though he does have some "Prophet" mixed in too).

8. Girls need to learn RESPECT now. They need to learn Reverence and Honor as well! I know that most women theses days are just "Jezebels" who try to wear the pants in the family. Husbands DESERVE honor and respect. Besides, at least you won't have to give account for everyone in your family on Judgement day like they do! That's actually an easier load to carry if you think about it.  (I know what you're thinking, "Easy for you to say. You're not even married yet!" Well, when I do I WILL prove that honor, respect, and reverence DOES work! ha ha).
By the way- Getting married is not the "Cure all" for every single problem you have. Right now pray for God to work through you to make you His spotless, pure, holy and chaste bride so you'll be all that for your future Beloved! <3

(These two statement I really liked....)
9. As you run fast and hard after Jesus, look to the left and to the right and marry the man who is running beside you.

10. Don't try to find Mr. Right. Learn to be Miss Right, and the one who finds you will be Mr. Right.

Debi said if she could boil the whole book down to one sentence it'd be this:

Walk in truth and joy, become a servant, study and learn all manner of different skills, practice honoring those in authority over you, and pray for every man you know who seeks the Lord; pray that these men have the heart to labor for the harvest.

In all this you will become the kind of woman a man wants and needs. You will become Miss Right. When you are that kind of woman.... God will make sure Mr. Right finds you.

Jonathan H
06/03/2013 9:45am

This is a great review, and, even though I'm a guy, I learned a lot. Also perused the rest of your blog a bit, and learned quite a bit from that as well! Your article "Who Are You Really Trying to Attract?" is awesome, and I've felt the same way for a long time. I'll definitely have to remember the part where you said: "Back in the day when a man really, REALLY loved a woman he'd say 'I cherish you', which meant that he really meant it!", when the time comes for that in my life. Honestly, I wasn't sure how best to express the pure, Godly love between a man and woman in so many words, so what you said was definitely a great help. I just think it's disgusting how the world goes around saying, "I love you" when what it really means is, "I carnally desire you", and I don't want any part of that, so thanks for clearing that up for me.

God bless you sister; keep up the race, and the fight. (1 Cor 9:24-27)

Honour Purity
06/04/2013 7:47pm

Well Praise the Lord Jonathon! I'm glad the Lord could use me as a willing vessel to help you learn a few things.
Yes, I really felt the need to write "Who Are You Really Trying to Attract?" Because things I was/am seeing were JUST not RIGHT- if you know what I mean.
Yes! My brother got a ring for his Fiance' that says, "I Cherish You" on it! It's so sweet. :)
Well thanks for the encouragement Brother! You keep staying STRONG for the Lord.
Your sis in Christ,
~Honoue Purity
p.s. how'd you come across my blog?

06/04/2013 11:18am

This was a great review. I read the book back when it first came out. Some of my favorite parts were those on building skills and knowledge. At the time that is what I could 'do' with the book, as I wasn't in a relationship (and honestly didn't think that time would EVER come!). One of the most "boring" parts of the book was the chapter on prayer. Looking back though, it was one of the most important parts. I stopped praying for "my future husband" several years back because I would get frustrated and discouraged not knowing who it was. This year I began a relationship with a guy and found out that when I wasn't praying for him was the time he needed it the most. DON'T STOP praying. If nothing else, just write down a few generic things (purity, career choices, financial wisdom, etc.) and pray for those in a general sense.

Another thing I might add. While I did bad in the prayer department, I was faithful in the "learning skills" department and the hard work payed off. My boyfriend loves the fact that I am creative and productive. He thinks I can "do anything" (which is an overstatement but it is my goal!) and I am an honor to him even this early in the relationship.

Be blessed!

Honour Purity
06/04/2013 7:41pm

Hey Bethany! Thanks for the encouragement. :)
I actuallly REALLY enjoyed (believe it or not) the chapter on Prayer! ha ha
My Awesome parents taught me back when I was younger to pray for my future Beloved, and I've tried to pray for him daily for quite a few years now. My parents also pray for him! :) *smile*
WOW. What a story. That is definitely an encouragement to me to KEEP praying. I feel like I'm NOT the only one who does this now.
I know God is using them right now so Praise the Lord for that!

Oh yeah. I tell you what. I have like ONE MILLION hobbies and get teased on how much stuff I like to learn and try out! I truly enjoy learning new things, and I do everything from sewing, cooking/baking, writing, art (maybe you've seen my page"My Artwork"), knitting, various forms of embroidery, studying all sorts of subjects which includes learning languages (my goal this year is to be able to share the Gospel in Spanish), guitar and piano, and etc.etc.etc. lol Learning is FUN and I try to find new things to do all the time! ha ha
I truly though spend most of my time serving God doing things like Sharing my Faith (My PASSION in life next to Jesus of course), serving others, planting tracts, studying my Bible, praying, etc.
In my opinion time is VERY short and I think it ALL should be used VERY wisely.
Well g2g Your sis in Christ,
~Honour Purity
P.S How did you come across my blog?
Woudl you like me to email you?

Honour Purity
06/06/2013 6:55am

Btw- I saw your blog and really like it! Ha ha :D cheese

06/10/2013 10:20am

NJG shared your review on their facebook page. It's awesome that you're being faithful in both prayer and learning. I learned a little bit of Spanish in high school but I'm working on learning more. My BF has done a lot of mission work in Central America and speaks fluently. I never "wanted" a missionary so I didn't think it was that important, but now I'm having second thoughts. ;) Keep up the great work!

Honour Purity
06/10/2013 11:23am

Oh okay I see now. :) Yeah my Mom originally shared it on their wall and I think they re-shared it.

I REALLY like Spanish like a whole lot. I think the language is beautiful, I love the people, and I also like the food. :) I believe the Lord has called me to the USA though. Not around the world in missions. I feel like the US NEEDS the gospel preached to them as well. You'd be surprised on how many people you'd meet who've never heard the Gospel! It's astounding and sad. I talk to people whenever I can and I have found that the MAJORITY of people out there don't have a full understanding of the gospel even if they "believe" in God.

That's awesome about your friend! :)
And you keep up the great work too Bethany. :)
Be thou blessed sister.

p.s. your blog is neat, and I'll come out and comment on it soon. XD

Grandma Brenda
06/11/2013 5:41am

You are such an inspiration to all that are fortunate to know you. You will be such a wonderful bride for the Godly man that God chooses for you. We love you and are proud to know you.

Honour Purity
06/11/2013 12:37pm

Thanks for the encouragement "Abuela Brenda"! It really meant a lot to me. :) You guys are a blessing to me as well.
Yes, just pray the guy in! ha ha
I joke with Mom and say I bet there's a whole group of guys (since we know SO many girls) and they're going, "Now WHO are we going to marry?" And then all of a sudden they'll meet all these girls! ha ha Just a thought I guess. ;) *wink wink* Only God knows.

06/11/2013 3:14pm

Honour Purity,
A couple of things, when are you going to clean my house and cook my meals? Also, listen to God's promptings when you see concerns that you may ignore in a relationship. Another thing, if you marry an unsaved man or woman you make God the Son-in-Law or Daughter-in-law of Satan. Make sure the one you marry is also in love with the Word, Word, and the Word. It was a great review.

Honour Purity
06/12/2013 8:43am

Oh Abuelo! You are so funny. You just gave everyone the impression that you're a young guy who wants me to clean his house and fix his meals. ;) lol
I have several answers to that:
1. You already have a LOVELY wife to do that for you.
2. Every time I come over and ask to help with the meal you Gus say you don't need my help.
3. Your house is always sparkling when I come over so what could I clean? ( though you do let me help do dishes, put food away, clean the counters, and clear plates. Ha ha.)
4. May I ask please clarify " concerns".
And 5. DO NOT worry! You've read my paper " Who Are You Really Trying to Attract" I WILL NOT and I mean WILL NOT marry in unsaved man!!!!!!! He WILL also love the word. :) I will make sure you guys approve before marrying a man! Ha ha
Can't wait to see y'all tonight at Bible study Abuelo! Love you!

06/13/2013 11:01am

Ask God to bring a man that is stronger in the word of God than you are. Otherwise, he's not the one. How can he wash you in the water of the word and lead if he's not studying? (2 Tim. 2:15). Be thou blessed, - R

Honour Purity
06/14/2013 1:59pm

AMEN to that Dad! I WHOLE HEARTEDLY agree! The guy I marry is gonna have to be as strong as you Spiritually (which would be stronger than me- obviously).
Besides, the guy is the LEADER (or Patriarch) of the home- NOT the girl. The guy would HAVE to be stronger to lead his household.

You are a GREAT example of what a Husband and Dad should be like Dad. Thanks for that example! :)

The guy I marry will probably need to take *ahem* should I say "lessons" from you?! lol Jk. But I know he'll be able to learn LOTS from you.
And he'll need to STUDY, STUDY, STUDY, and STUDY that King James Bible!
May God's Holy Spirit be upon you Father as you help me choose my life mate, and help him to grow up and be a leader.
Your Daughter and sis in Christ,
~Honour Purity

06/14/2013 3:15pm

<3. You warm my heart speechless, Holy-ghost filled Damsel. Amen.

Honour Purity
06/18/2013 1:59pm

<3 Awwww! I sure do love you Dad! You're so, so full of the Holy- Ghost it isn't funny.

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